Our Story

Dominique and Patrick Pfahl created Floréal in the lobby of a well known business building in downtown San Francisco in 1981 . As their business grew, they moved to a store front on Taylor Street and have been there since then. Floréal's flower arrangements have graced many hotel lobbies, corporate offices, famous stores, and private clubs throughout the Bay Area.

A few years ago, L'Atelier Floréal was created to display uniquely hand crafted gifts and decorative accent pieces ranging from goods brought back from their many travels to local artists that collaborate with them.




Dominique Pfahl

Floréal's owner and main designer, has had a passion for the whimsical and natural world since she was a young girl. She was born and raised in Nice, France, and would spend her weekends visiting with her family in the country side. To pass the time, she would make bouquets full of Provence Lavender and Wild Flowers. She and her sisters would bring them back and sell them in the town Farmer's Market...

Now, after 30 years, she still has the same passion and creativity. Dominique is known in San Francisco for her unique style and amazing compositions. She has lectured abroad and in many Garden Clubs in the Bay Area. Her work is on display at Bouquet to Arts, the yearly event of the De Young Museum, benefiting the Fine Arts Museums.